The world of finance moves quickly, financial and economic data is released as a constant barrage of information, analysts hunch over late at night running new data through their models, pricing in the impact on their portfolio holdings. The pundits talk and spread a picture of boundless optimism or gloom and despair.

Everything is chaos, but somehow, almost miraculously, order emerges through price discovery. This is what drew me to the global markets.

I want to offer a different perspective from the two polar opposite worlds of financial institutions and internet finance blogs. By using data which comes from models linked to Bloomberg and Haver Analytics, as well as industry reports I believe I can deliver a more effective and concise set of information and ideas to readers.

Humans are social creatures, and even the most disciplined investor allows emotions to influence their decision. The intent of my posts is to go beyond the greed and fear, generating objective ideas using my own unique approach.

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