Market Inquisitor

Tamen Dubito

TD’s Wells Fargo Moment

Toronto Dominion Bank, better knows as TD is Canada’s largest retail bank. Last week allegations arouse that bank tellers sold products and added fees to customer accounts that were against the law because they were under pressure from ever aggressive sales targets. Aptly coined as TD’s Wells Fargo moment by John Aiken of Barclays, this post will serve as a comparison between the two scandals and for possible opportunities for those who live for the excitement of catching falling knives.

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Oil (USO) Position & Market Update

Today oil prices collapsed ~5% after a large 8 million barrel inventory build. I have closed half of my position at a ~50% gain before commissions and will likely close the remainder within the next 2 weeks. The move in the oil price was likely an overreaction to the headline, and its time to get constructive on oil prices and E&P equities.

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Yield Curves Continue to Flatten

Equities are rallying, the FED looks like it wants to hike 3 times this years: good times are here again thanks to President Trump. However, the US Treasury yield curves continue to flatten.

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