Market Inquisitor

Tamen Dubito

Deutsche Downtrend

As part of her re-election campaign Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor re-affirmed the promise that her government would not bail out Deutsche Bank (DB) in the case of failure.

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Will Gold hold the line? Strategy for FED

It’s always interesting to see technical indicators at work. Gold is hitting a key resistance level before the FED’s announcement tomorrow. If there’s ever a make-or-break moment, it’s likely this week.

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LIBOR Tightening

As detailed in a Bloomberg article last week, a regulatory overhaul due to take effect October 14th, targeting money-fund industry has lead to a sharp increase in LIBOR as banks raise the cost of funding. The summer trading period was marked by surprisingly low volatility in the markets and strong cross asset correlation; this could be the explanation.

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